I am positively dizzy from coming home after 3 days at the San Diego Convention center attending Fight the Forces of Evil 3 Day Event September 21, 2012 in San Diego

Here’s a picture of Badass Dave Wood on stage with some of the Empower Network leaders. (Yup, that’s Aaron Rashkin to the right of Dave. Badass’ squared.)


Fight the Forces of Evil 3 Day Event September 21, 2012 in San Diego

How about this?  Some of the largest checks in the industry……for 3 months of “work” online.  These humongous checks were placed throughout the hall in the San Diego Convention center.  Mind blowing!


Fight the Forces of Evil 3 Day Event September 21, 2012

Empower Network pays out 100% commissions and will make your average home based business defunct.   Dave Woods talks about the Online Revolution he’s creating here:





Fight the Forces of Evil 3 Day Event September 21, 2012 in San Diego — Unheard Of practices in this industry….


Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe had the audacity to do something nearly unheard of in the online and business development seminar industry. They eliminated the “pitch-fest“.  Seriously, how cool is it to stop pitches for new guru’s products every hour on the hour?  Sure, we heard about one new product that Empower Network is offering – but, folks, that’s a product for us to sell.

I have been in and around the direct market and seminar industry for over 34 years and it’s always about getting pitched for that next product.  This is the organization that is all about truthjustice and getting RICH.  If the products don’t help members make more money there is NO pitch.


Let me ask you. Are you sick and tired of being BROKE?

I shared with Dave Woods that my purpose for being in Empower Network is to attain personal, financial freedom so that I can spend my day painting and marketing my art. That’s Livin’ the Dream! Dave Woods now owns one of my Parallel Universe series of oil paintings.


Fight the Forces of Evil 3 Day Event September 21, 2012 in San Diego

Dave Woods now owns my painting "Quantum Connections" Oil on wood.


Are you struggling in the creative arts field trying to work all day with no fuel left to “be” creative at the end of your day? 


Are you sick of being a slave to your j-o-b?  What if you could spend a few hours online each day and then pursue your passions?  

Seriously, get in….jump in for $25.00 and see what all the fuss is about.  Click here:



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Jewish Holidays for a non-Jew? 

This moving article in the New York Times touched me to the core and helped me to better understand and appreciate Rosh Hashana and Jewish Holidays.

Can you imagine a Jewish Holiday celebration temple for 20 to 30 year olds that encouraged texting during the service?



MIAMI BEACH — Settling into their seats for Rosh Hashana service, the twentysomethings instinctively reached for their cellphones to turn them off, anticipating an admonition they hear often at synagogue.

Young Jews arrived on Sunday for a service at the Jewish Museum of Florida intended to keep them connected to their roots.

Then they looked up at the white screen behind the rabbi:

Pray. Write. Text.


Jewish Holidays

Jewish Holidays texting


And text they did for nearly 90 minutes, sending out regrets, goals, musings and blissful thoughts, all anonymously for everyone to see.



I found this article deeply moving (Yes, Kleenex was required) because Rabi Morrison got authentic with her audience.  She got real. She took something normally forbidden in a holiday “service” and made all feel welcome by encouraging it. She rose to greatness in this gesture by making public everyone’s regrets & transgressions by displaying on the white screen – yet completely anonymous.


“For my generation, the generation that the service is for, prayer is not something you can find in your own life until someone helps you wrestle with it,” said Rabbi Morrison, who works with the Tribe, the group that organized the event and tries to find novel ways to reach the younger generation. As a rabbi, she added, she is committed “to making prayer as accessible as possible.”

So, “I recommended texting,” she said. Semantics were important, too. The Tribe billed the event as “an experience,” not as a service.

At a lectern, her phone within easy reach, Rabbi Morrison told the 150 or so young people arrayed before her that “texting will give you a voice in the service.”

She spoke to them about acceptance, loving themselves so they can love others and giving themselves a pat on the back when they deserve it.

What is one thing you wish you had done differently this past year? she asked.

The messages popped up: Be a better friend. I wish I was less stressed. Procrastinate less. Listened to my gut feeling. Be a better listener. Worry less, enjoy life more. Less materialistic.


But, wait. Not all Hebrew communities would approve of Rabbi Morrison’s uber liberal reformed ways of relating to youth at the Jewish Holidays.

To quote and article in CBS Miami Local News  about texting


Such texting deviates from Jewish tradition, in which smartphones are looked down upon by the elder Jewish population.  “Mobile phones enslave teens and lead to destructive social detachment,” Rabbi Avinoam Horowitz, principal of the Kiryat Arba religious high school and one of the leaders of the initiative to create the phone, told Ynetnews.com. “They stop playing with their friends; everyone dives into his or her phone.


It seems the Jewish community’s wrastling with appropriate spiritual use of technology has lead to an interesting collaboration between Eurocom Mobile Communications and some religious organizations in Israel.  Enter the Kosher Smartphone.  The Telephonetto seeks to eliminate much of the temptation religious Jewish teens might encounter on a typical smartphone with access to the Web, mass media, and the less-than-kosher forms of content one might be able to consume via that tiny screen.  Yes, you read that correctly. No internet service.


Oh, and by the way, did you realize that facebook now has a Kosher twin?  You can read about it in CINet    FaceGlat–the name is a mashup of Facebook and glatt kosher, the most strict level of Jewish dietary laws dealing with meat–filters objectionable content, but not very well just yet.


However you celebrate your Jewish Holidays (or not) I hope you’ve discovered greater appreciation for this tradition-filled religion in transition.


By the way, are you looking for something non-traditional to make money online?  Are you sick of the hype in online marketing with hours of work to make tiny commissions?  Take a look here:



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Mad TV Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop it video changed my life!

A friend of mine who works for Peak Potentials training (Success and Wealth training) posted this You Tube  video on facebook the other day.  I laughed so hard and then forwarded it to a friend who’s a therapist.  I find there’s always an element of truth to something that is bone-rattlingly funny.

I sent this to my therapist friend because we both wish it were this simple all the time. Bob Newhart dishes out his patented $5.00 therapy to all who come to his office.  In regards to changing bad habits Bob tells everyone to,

 ”Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!”




Each week I am moved to tears and laughter by Dave Wood and David Sharpe of the Empower Network  listening to their Monday night conference call.  Actually, I find myself living a more passionate life thanks to listening to these two formerly homeless guys turned millionaires.  I find my heart has grown bigger and bigger just hearing all the love pour out of Dave Wood’s heart when he gets on an ear-splitting rant – I pretty much always have to turn the volume down.  Dave Wood must have listened to ‘Mad TV Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop it‘ before getting on the call last Monday.  Dave is passionate about his “No Wussies” movement and spreading the freedom movement. Over and over and over Dave just tells his followers to, “Stop it!” when it comes to living a mediocre life.

Whats a Mediocre Life?


Relying on a J – O – B and a paycheck from an employer!  Putting your financial well-being in the hands of anyone other than YOU.  When Dave Wood turns up the volume and starts his ear splitting rants you realize how our thinking is entirely ingrained in the go-to-college-get-a-degree-and-get-a good-job mentality.  He thinks it’s criminal that we’re passing on this broken model to our kids.



Dave and Dave attack the self-employed person’s slavery model, too!


He throws in the MLM and direct sales industry models that enslave their true believers in a worse way than your average 9 to 5 job.  David Sharpe joins him to expose all the lies in the direct selling industry that talk about the “2 to 4 year plan” method and the business model of “recruit 5 people who will recruit 5 who will recruit 5″ and bashes those false metrics. LIES, LIES, LIES! He reveals the bottom line that direct sales leaders cripple their downline recruits them by making themselves indispensable.  He shouts out “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” and suggests that a true leader is one that liberates his downline from slavery by having each person not reliant on them or 3-way calls.


Nothing is sacred in Dave Wood’s eyes if it’s not working.  He shouts out the truth from his Costa Rica mountain tops and has become a Hero to thousands of raving fans who are following his slavery-bashing-business model —->  Bad Ass Empower Network Slavery Bashing Business Model


Are you enslaved by a job or direct sales industry?  Watch Mad TV Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop it  right now!


Don’t be a wussie!  Stop it!  Check this out now:



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I can’t wait to see this film!  Diana Vreeland made an indelible impact on the all the creative arts – not just the fashion industry.

Diana Vreeland created history by setting the precedent as a confident woman in the fashion industry.  She created and recreated herself repeatedly and made the careers of so many people in the process.

Diana Vreeland

The Queen of Fashion


Diana Vreeland Impacted Women Across the USA with Red Nail Polish — she changed fashion history with this innovation and brought the Cosmetics Giant into being.


This story found on Official website of Diana Vreeland

“Today the mark of a put-together woman is a chip-free manicure. But back in Diana Vreeland’s time, getting your nails done was both time-consuming and laborious. Wouldn’t you know that one had to sit for hours to wait for the varnish to dry? Only the most affluent could afford to have their hands sit idle for such lengthy periods. That is until Mrs. Vreeland showed up in New York City armed with her last remaining bottle of red nail polish. “When I arrived in America, I had these very dark red nails which some people objected to, but then some people object to everything,” she says in her autobiography, DV. Her manicurist in Paris was a man named Perrera, who she claimed made a varnish that dried instantly. So, as the last of her red was running out, she took her dwindling bottle and headed downtown to have it copied by a man who was in the business of making polish. That man was Charles Revson. According to Mrs. Vreeland, his original formula had a great color, but still took hours to dry. It was only when he was able to study the remnants of Perrera’s polish that he was able to create a product unlike any seen before in America. All that was left to do was to change the “s” in “Revson” an “l” to “Revlon” and the country’s largest cosmetics brand was born… or so the story goes.”





I plan to catch this film when it comes to La Jolla, California September 2012.  Visually, the film looks like a real treat.  Each part of the film brings art and fashion together. I loved seeing the Yves Saint Laurent short cocktail dress Tribute to Piet Mondrian, from his 1965 fall/winter collection.  Diana Vreeland was the innovator who brought fashion into museums.

Style aficionado André Leon Talley, who mentored under Vreeland, best describes her contribution. “She was the first to put the fireworks into clothes in a museum setting—turning it around and giving it a narrative and a story that made these clothes come alive.”


In her article,  “All Dressed Up” in ARTnews , Barbara Pollack says, “Talley, who got his start in fashion volunteering at the Met’s Costume Institute in 1974, attributes his “eye” to the training he received under Diana Vreeland, the consultant to the institute from 1971 to 1989 and a former editor of Vogue.


With complete authority she stated that, “The fashion world changes all the time. You can even see the approaching revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” I find this comment astounding because she was an expert at reading society and history in the making – it was obvious to her; she read clothes as we would read events in the New York Times – but it was not so obvious to the rest of us.  She saw and felt everything in clothes as a psychic genius of her time.


Trendsetter Diana Vreeland was outrageous and unconventional.


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Chapter 1: Born to Run A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

by Christopher McDougall

“For days, I’d been searching Mexico’s Sierra Madre for the phantom known as Caballo Blanco – the White Horse.  I’d finally arrived at the end of the trail, in the last place I expected to find him – not the deep in the wilderness he was said to haunt, but in the dime lobby of an old hotel on the edge of a dusty desert town.

Si, El Caballo esta,” the desk clerk said, nodding. Yes, the Horse is here.

“For real?” After hearing that I’d just missed him so many times, in so many bizarre locations,  I’d begun to suspect that Caballo Blanco was nothing more than a fairy tail, a local Loch Ness monstrua dreamed up to spook the kids and fool gullible gringos.

“He’s always back by five,” the clerk added. “It’s like a ritual.”

I didn’t know whether to hug her in relief or high-five her in triumph. I checked my watch. That meant I’d  actually lay eyes on the ghost in less than…hand on.

“But it’s already after six.

The clerk shrugged. “Maybe he’s gone away.”

I sagged into the ancient sofa. I was filthy, famished, and defeated. I was exhausted, and so were my leads.

Some said Caballo Blanco was a fugitive; others heard he was a boxer who’d run off to punish himself after beating a man to death in the ring. No one knew his name, or age, or where he was from. He was like some Old West gunslinger whose only traces were tall tales and a whiff of cigarillo smoke. Descriptions and sightings were all over the map; villagers who lived impossible distances apart swore they’d seen him traveling on foot the same day, and described him on a scale that swung wildly from “funny and simpatico” to “freaky and gigantic.”

But all versions of the Caballo Blanco legend, certain basic details were always the same: He’d come to Mexico years ago  and trekked deep into the wild, impenetrable Barrancas del Cobre – the Copper Canyons – to live among the Tarahumara, a near-mythical tribe of Stone Age superathletes. The Tarahumara (pronounced Spanish-style by swallowing the “h”:  Tara-oo-mara) may be the healthiest and most serene people on earth, and the greatest runners of all time.”

That’s quite a claim, really. I mean, the healthiest and most serene people on earth???!!!  Who is the Tarahumara runner?

In  Born to Run  Christopher McDougall goes on to say:

“In Tarahumara Land, there was no crime, war or theft. There was no corruption, obesity, drug addiction, greed, wife-beating, child abuse, heart disease, high blood pressure, or carbon emissions. They didn’t get diabetes, or depressed, or even old: fifty-year-olds could outrun teenagers, and eighty-year-old great grandads could hike marathon distances up mountainsides. Their cancer rates were barely detectable. The Tarahumara geniuses had even branched into economics, creating a one-of-a kind financial system based on booze and random acts of kindness: instead of money: they traded favors and big tubs of corn beer.”

Personally, running is not my thing. I hate it. It’s always brought back bad memories of my klutziness as a kid in school.  I was surprised to be so captivated by a book on running.  I had a hard time putting this book about the Tarahumara runner down.

It seems so challenging to be healthy in our toxic world.  It was very difficult for me not to skip ahead to the end of the book, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to miss all the danger and intrigue in between.



Tarahmara Runner

The Tarahumara Runner & "friend"

What are the Secrets of the Tarahumara Runner? 

You’ll find out the “secret sauce” for super charged stamina that this Indian tribe uses.  (Hint: it’s easy to find at your local health food store)

You’ll be intrigued to discover how the Tarahumara runner is able run long distances in debilitating heat

You’ll find out why the best running shoes on the planet screw up your feet and knees

You’ll love living through all the danger of exploring the mysterious Copper Canyons vicariously through Christopher McDougall safely in your favorite reading chair


Don’t miss this book!  Run to get it. Now!


Oh, by the way, do you want to see what outrageous and unconventional system I am using in my work at home business these days?  Have I mentioned I follow two formerly homeless men who have turned the work at home marketing industry on it’s heels?  Click on the red banner.



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